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30 rounds of AKM-47

Don’t miss a chance to expand your knowledge in firearms handling and safety and to shoot the legendary AK machine gun while in Ukraine!!!
Unlike in most European countries the license isn’t required to make this dream come true. Shooting can be both fun and safe.
We, at SoloEast Travel, can arrange your shooting at one of the ranges close by almost any day of the week. Range safety officer will accompany and teach you to deal with firearms to your liking. If you dream to shoot with famous AKM-47 there is no easier way than just to BOOK PACKAGE "A"



* Mondays and Tuesdays +30 $ extra ( indoor shooting range)
# Packages US$ EUR€
A* (30 rounds of AKM-47) 99.00 86.00
B* (15 rounds of AKM-47 + 10 rounds of Glock-19) 105.00 91.00
C* (15 rounds of Kalashnikov+10 rounds of pump action shotgun) 105.00 91.00
Universal* (10 rounds each: Glock-19; AKM-47; pump action shotgun; Norinco CQ-A; Colt Competition PRO CRP-20) 135.00 117.00

  • Packages B and C will give you an opportunity to choose and try your favorite firearm at minimum cost.
  • To try a set of the most popular guns we suggest our Universal package
  • Important! Packages A-C and universal are held within Kiev at 50 meters indoor range.
  • You can add as many rounds as you wish – we don't charge extra and you pay directly to the shooting range for that.
  • All shooters will be accompanied by a Range Safety Officer at all times. You will be shown you how to safely & properly handle each firearm.